Friday, March 15, 2019

Gut Check® Indicators Makes After-Shot Decisions Simple

Gut Check® Indicators Makes After-Shot Decisions Simple

Chances are high we’ve all been there. If you’re a hunter, you’ve likely had the experience of shooting an animal and watching it run off into the trees, over the ridge, or somewhere out of site. Do you begin blood trailing now or do you back out and wait? Was it a well-placed shot to the vitals, or did you hit guts? These questions can wreak havoc on a hunter’s mind. But now you can put your mind at ease with simple to use indicators from Gut Check®.

Available for a wide assortment of big game varieties, Gut Check’s arrow wraps slide seamlessly over your arrows allowing for instant confirmation if your shot was a hit to the vitals or a gut shot. For those that don’t want to alter their arrows, wipes are also available and allow a hunter to know the location of their shot simply by wiping the used arrow and watching the color change of the wipe.

Go With Your Gut and Use Gut Check®

Gut Check® uses patented technology to analyze whether or not your arrow passed through the vital organs or the gut area of the game. Confirmation is instantaneous and easy to understand with color changing technology that quickly notifies the hunter whether they’ve hit vitals or other areas on the animal.

Acid present in areas of the gut and digestive tract of big game animals offers a surefire way to know the location of your latest arrow shot. If this acid is present on either the arrow wraps or the wipes, the acid reacts with the Gut Check’s technology turning the wipe or wrap a distinct yellow color. If your shot was to the vitals area of the animal, the wipes and wraps will maintain their original appearance. When it comes to knowing your shot placement, Be DEAD Sure™ with Gut Check® indicators.

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