Wednesday, August 10, 2022

This Week on Shooting USA – USPSA Racegun Nationals

It’s the fastest of the run-and-gun handgun championship competitions. The Racegun Nationals brings in the top shooters in the Open Division, with all enhancements allowed, from high-cap magazines, to compensators, and red-dot optics, drawn from skeletonized holsters to be very quick on target.

Plus, the Limited Division, limited to high-capacity magazines, but without compensators or optics.

Then it’s the story of the M-60 that’s been putting heavy firepower downrange for more than 60 years. And is now one of History’s Guns.

And a profile of the all-girls St. Mary’s Trap Team, starting with beginners, but learning well enough to take top honors with the support of their coaches and parents.

And James Jean is going for a long shot in the wind that can be described as Impossible.
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