Friday, July 12, 2019

Redding Instant Indicator

Cortland, NY, USA……. The Redding Instant Indicator is now available in the 6 mm Creedmoor cartridge and the 224 Valkyrie, for 2019. The 6 mm Creedmoor is an outstanding cartridge with tremendous long range accuracy potential. The 224 Valkyrie changes the 22 caliber long range game entirely with heavier bullets and better BC’s. Because of increased customer demand, both have been added to product line for 2019 giving long-range high precision shooters a new and decided advantage when using these cartridges for competition or hunting.

It is well accepted that accuracy is a function of consistency and the more consistent a round can be, the better the results down range. The Redding Instant Indicator has long been recognized as a superior and easy to use comparator tool allowing the user to do a host of tasks accurately and repeatably on the press. This indicator does not require the individual to have significant experience with precision measuring devices or the need for calipers for its use. The tool allows for quick and precise comparison to determine headspace. It can be used to sort cases for length, sort bullets for uniformity and can be used to correctly set up a sizing die for uniform shoulder bump. It also can check true bullet seating depth off of the land bearing point of each individual bullet.

This final use, in conjunction with a Redding competition seating die on a T7 turret press allows the user to quickly and precisely uniform cartridges for correct bullet jump into the lands. After creating a dummy round that is into-the-lands of the rifle and using it to create zero on the dial indicator, each subsequent round can then be precisely seated to get to the proper depth. First, long seat the bullet, index the turret head to the instant indicator and make a Redding, which will be on the plus side of zero. Calculate the amount needed to reach your desired bullet jump and remove that length using the micrometer on the Redding Competition Seating Die and seat again. Net result, a round which is precise to land bearing point not simply COAL.

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