Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Duck Commander Announces Release of THE BLIND A Robertson Story of Love and Redemption

Duck Commander, a world renowned leader in duck call manufacturing joins Tread Lively, GND Media Group, and Fathom Events in announcing the release of THE BLIND–premiering in theaters nationwide September 28th.

Based on the life of Duck Commander’s Phil and Kay Robertson, THE BLIND dives into never before seen stories of the founding family as they find redemption through love and faith, and learn where to discover strength during times of hardship.

“A lot of people know the Robertsons. They know a little bit about our story. They have seen us on Duck Dynasty, but they don’t know the backstory of what actually got us here,” said Korie Robertson, a producer of the film. “I think this is actually the most important part of the Robertson family story.”

“Without what happens in The Blind, there would be no dynasty,” added Willie Robertson, Duck Commander CEO and an executive producer of The Blind. “This is the story you haven’t heard. We made this movie so people would know that if you’ve got troubles, there’s a way out.”

THE BLIND shows that no one is beyond the grace of God, and no one is so far gone that they cannot turn their life around.

“It’s a movie about one man’s life, and his family structure and how love is the answer to all of our problems,” said Phil Robertson, founder of Duck Commander. “If you think you are beyond help, watch this movie and you may change your mind.”

The release of THE BLIND helps to commemorate Duck Commander’s 50th Anniversary. This film honors the journey of the Robertson family and celebrates the roots of Duck Commander. In addition to following the journey in theaters, viewers can shop the Duck Commander 50th anniversary collection which includes shirts, hats and mugs.

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