Friday, February 26, 2021

Ozcut Broadheads Celebrates Second Spring Season with New ‘Hurricane” Broadhead

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Atlanta, GA – February, 26, 2021– Ozcut Broadheads, an innovative broadhead company, celebrates their second spring season with their three broadheads, including their newest addition, the Hurricane.

The ‘Hurricane’ delivers accurate broadheads in flight, which gives the hunter larger wound channels and bigger blood trails. This broadhead specifically has a single bevel and an offset blade, unlike your standard single and double level broadheads.

All three of Ozcut’s broadheads have a 100 to 150 grain, aggressive bone splitting tanto tip, no vents for silent flight, and heightened field point accuracy. Each broadhead pack comes in a set of three.

Matt Pell, CEO of Ozcut said, “We are excited for bowhunters to start using the new ‘Hurricane’ design and really, all of our outstanding broadheads this year. Our goal as a company is to provide bowhunters with reliable fixed blade broadheads that they can trust will never fail in the field [unlike mechanical broadheads], while also maintaining field point accuracy. Having originated in Australia, our broadheads are designed to take down some of the largest big game animals in the world, including water buffalo, red stag, and mountain boars. This year will be our first year introducing Ozcut to retailers in the United States and there is already a lot of hype buzzing around as we will be filling a huge void in the current United States bowhunting market with our unmatched broadhead designs. I think the North American whitetail hunter will be impressed to finally have access to a fixed blade broadhead that is silent, accurate, and tough as nails.”

About Ozcut Broadheads

Ozcut Broadheads originated in Australia with its founder Nick Morton. The company was built on having 100 percent confidence in hunting equipment in order to have success in the field. Ozcut Broadheads has quickly climbed the industry for their premium one-piece broadheads. Aside from their broadheads, they also sell apparel and accessories. For more information visit their website.

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