Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Updated MOJO Floaters Shipping to Dealers

MOJO® has added three updated Floater species to their Elite Series Spinning Wing Decoy line. The series now includes Mallard Drake, Bluebill and Redhead Floaters all with factory installed remotes.

They feature all components in a solid housing connected to the molded float, with the super quiet, flexible body. This results in a faster, quieter, smoother, more user-friendly decoy. The float conveniently snap locks on and off the decoy housing with a half turn. It’s designed to receive an 11" threaded stabilizing bar with a 14 oz lead weight allowing the decoy to remain stable in rough water. There is also an eyelet on the float to accept an anchor cord. The decoy takes 4AA batteries (not included) and will accept a standard MOJO® Support Pole.

The updated Floater species include Mallard Drake, Redhead and Bluebill and each include a stabilizing bar and factory-installed remote. Learn more about these decoys here:

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