Thursday, July 22, 2021

TACTACAM Announces New Partnership with American Airgunner

Caledonia, MN - TACTACAM is excited to announce American Airgunner as a media partner as well as the newest valued online distributor of TACTACAM products.

American Airgunner is hosted by Arkansas native Rossi Morreale and was created to merge Morreale’s love for hunting and competition shooting with his passion for modern day air guns. American Airgunner encompasses multiple disciplines including hunting, field target, big bore, silhouette, known distance target shooting and much more. Their brand is currently working on Season 2 of their Airgunner Challenge which is a reality style shooting competition that pits select competitors against each other in a variety of intense shooting challenges. “We are very excited about this partnership as we strive to provide the industry’s best products to our competitors. Not everything we do is off the shooting bench. The TACTACAM 5.0 and FTS scope system are easy to use, durable, and are perfectly suited for our high impact and often rugged air rifle usage” said Morreale, the show’s host.

American Airgunner brings the brands they use and trust directly to you through their Shop American Airgunner store on their website. TACTACAM Southern Territory Sales Manager, Matt Lambert said “This team has it all including a comprehensive online store, exceptional show, engaging social media and a multitude of resources to help new and the most seasoned of airgunners alike”.

The air gun space is growing at a rapid pace and offers firearm shooters a great alternative in the face of ammo shortages and range availability. Many states have now legalized seasons for the take of big game with large bore air guns [rules and regulations vary by state, please refer to your local hunting guidelines]. As the air gun market grows so shall TACTACAM to meet the unique needs of this diverse community.


TACTACAM was founded in 2014 and our sole mission was to totally reinvent the hunting POV camera. No more filming with fisheye or bubble effect. Our proprietary simple one touch operation and mounting solutions are designed specifically with hunting, shooting, and tactical training applications in mind. Since then, we’ve introduced innovative products like the FTS® film through scope system, the Fish-i® fishing camera, the Reveal® cellular trail camera and the Spotter LR® spotting scope camera. Built for hunters, by hunters, TACTACAM is a company that lives and embodies the hunting and outdoors lifestyle.