Wednesday, March 8, 2023

DIY Custom Ruger 10/22 In May GUNS Magazine

FMG Special Projects Editor Roy Huntington has long been a fan of the Ruger 10/22, noting early on it was possible to make it even better. He presents his “final” product in a long line of experiments in the May issue of GUNS.

“Basically, anything I shot usually went into 0.50" or less. This is simply amazing performance to me and the best I’ve ever had from any 10/22 gun I’ve put together. To say it’s satisfying is to sorely understate things here,” he remarks.

Built from a laminated Ruger 10/22 Yukon Silhouette stock by Revolution, Powder River Precision’s custom bolt, extractor and bolt lever, Briley 10/22 match barrel, Rubicon action/bolt assembly and topped with a Meopta Optika5 2-10x42 scope, the custom 10/22 à la Roy is a sharp-shooting, great-looking rifle.

Savage Arms’ new 110 PCS (Pistol Chassis System) will immediately pique the interest of handgun hunters like Mark Hampton. In “Savage Model 110 PCS: Big-Bore Hunting Handgun,” he reveals its notably attractive features — incredible accuracy, adjustable AccuTrigger and threaded muzzle to name a few — and contends it may just be the ticket for anyone looking for a varmint pistol or bolt-action handgun for the next deer hunt.

A Taurus TX22 Compact tops the May issue’s firearm package giveaway. Chambered in .22 LR, the optic-ready pistol sports a 3.5" threaded barrel, serrated rear and front white sights and slide lightening cuts. A pair of Wiley X Omega glasses and a Ripsnort II knife from CRKT round out the package valued at nearly $645. Readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing online at

Additional highlights in the May issue include Alan Garbers’ investigation into gun notches: Did gunslingers of the Old West really carve into their gun when they took out a foe, or is it Hollywood-designed lore? In the Make Ready column, Ken Koch considers a seasoned shooter’s dilemma: going red dot, or not? His answer may surprise even the most stalwart resisters. And in the Handguns installment, Massad Ayood plays catch-up on two guns he originally deemed “good but could be better” — and now they are.

Discover more at, including online exclusives like Roy Huntington’s “DIY Heritage Rough Rider Carbine Conversion.” Purchase the May issue of GUNS or order a subscription at Digital versions are also available.