Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Outdoor Channel’s Drop Zone Partners with “Shiners Stash” Beef Jerky

When Drop Zone’s Hal Shaffer visited a local farmer’s market in North Carolina and sampled the beef jerky from Shiner’s Stash Beef Jerky, he said it was “unlike any beef jerky he had ever tasted” and knew they had to form a partnership.

Shiners Stash Beef Jerky owner, Swen Altis (“Chef SA”) was a former chef in the military and is CEC, PCII from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York and is also a hunter who was known for expertly processing meat. Passions collided and along with his family and business partner, Steve Putman, Shiners Stash Beef Jerky was formed 3 years ago.

As with any small, family owned and operated business venture, starting a new product in a competitive market seemed challenging. However, with the mentorship and encouragement of local operations, they knew there was room for more. Featuring innovative flavors with unique marinades, quality seasonings and all-natural meat cuts inspired by charcuterie, Shiners Stash Beef Jerky now has over 350 locations in nine states and a strong e-commerce platform.

Shiners Stash Beef Jerky is excited to announce a partnership with Greg Zipadelli and Hal Shaffer of the award-winning, highly rated Drop Zone on Outdoor Channel and together have developed custom Drop Zone flavors:

Drop Zone RANCH: Drop Zone Ranch is cut from center cut beef eye round and thick sliced against the grain for an easy chew. Shiners Stash Beef Jerky uses only the finest ingredients in their marinade to achieve the freshest optimal flavor and their own blend of herbs & spices such as fresh parsley, garlic, & mouthwatering seasonings. A must have out in the wild, when you’re out on the move, or as a mid-day snack, this jerky is packed with a WHOPPING 22grams of overload protein with minimal carbs.

Drop Zone SMOKEY RUB: Drop Zone Smokey rub is cut from premium quality beef eye round. Shiners Stash Beef Jerky cuts their beef against the grain to produce a mouthwatering tender bite that is easy to chew. The chef has chosen only the finest in quality seasonings that have rich smoke & a pleasant cayenne heat finish.

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Press Contact: Shaun Davies, WildComm