Thursday, November 12, 2020

Groundbreaking Patent Issued for Crossbows

Oslo, Norway – Krysse AS, a Norwegian company, announces a revolutionary breakthrough in newly patented cam-assist technology that can be applied across various crossbow platforms.

“On July 28 of this year, the United States Patent and Trademark office issued Krysse AS the Thalberg Patent,” stated Krysse AS CEO Petter Hatlem. “The patent makes bow handling, specifically crossbow handling, significantly easier for everyone. Essentially, it will eliminate crossbow anxiety and opens the door for a wider range of crossbow shooters.”

In addition to the handling of the crossbow, the Thalberg Patent also allows the end user to:

  • Cock the crossbow at a lower starting poundage, then take the bow to full weight with the touch of a button
  • Just as easily take the full weight off the crossbow with the touch of a button
  • Practice shooting more often with ease
  • And it allows crossbow dealers to demonstration their complete product line safely

“Crossbow popularity has exploded over the years,” explained Pete Crawford, President of Clear Track Consulting. “But other than crank systems that are very high priced, no one has eliminated the difficulty of cocking, handling and de-cocking today’s extremely high poundage crossbows --- this system does this easily.”

Crawford continued, “Working with Petter at Krysse AS, and Mike Oropallo, patent attorney at Barclay Damon, the difficult patent process has been much easier to navigate, and we look forward to more exciting continuations of this patent family.”

Hatlem added, “We are also exploring additional industry-wide application options with this technology. Everything from licensing opportunities, to partnering with established manufacturing companies, to building this brand ourselves,” he continued. “Getting this patent issued, along with the previous acquisition of the Hudkins patent, puts us in a great position to market this technology to the archery industry.”

For inquiries on potential partnerships with this technology, please contact Pete Crawford of Clear Track Consulting at 585-738-9449 or or Petter Hatlem of Krysse at +47-48400960 or

About Krysse AS:

Krysse is a private investment company based in Oslo, Norway. Krysse has significant assets under management and is committed to value-creating ownership of projects, businesses and financial assets. Krysse has for decades been developing innovative technologies and built leading companies in select industries, in Norway and internationally.

About Clear Track Consulting:

Established in 2016 by Pete Crawford, an outdoor industry veteran, with experience as a CEO, Acquisition expert and former Chairman of the Archery Trade Association, to help businesses attain their goals of growth, and ultimately transitioning their companies via acquisition, either by family or investors. Clear Track’s advantage is in real business experience and success. Clear Track Consulting prides itself in treating all people with respect and in speaking in terms that everyone understands.

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