Tuesday, May 10, 2022

TactaLoad FLASH-5

I find it hard to imagine a more useful gun than the venerable pump action shotgun. It’s essentially the Swiss Army knife of the gun world. A shotgun can be used on game animals from small to ferocious, while still defending your castle. Malfunctions on a pump action shotgun are rare-even when dirty. A pump action shotgun’s only Achilles heel is its lack of capacity for ammunition. While there have been recent advancements in magazine fed pump action shotguns, the traditional pump action shotgun is still far and away the most popular shotgun in history with estimates of over 21 million sold. So, how do you improve on that sort of reliable popularity? You increase your pump action shotguns capacity for ammunition. Now, there are numerous products on the market that can help add extra ammunition to a pump action shotgun. A shooter can either increase the shotguns internal capacity with magazine tube extensions or can add external products that feed the user such as side saddles.

That’s where TactaLoad Flash-5 stock comes into the picture. www.TactaLoad.com

TactaLoad is an exciting new American company created to provide quality aftermarket accessories that are worthy of our customers trust and confidence.

Our flagship product, the FLASH-5 gunstock, is a revolutionary new product unlike anything the firearm industry has ever seen and is designed to fit the Remington and Mossberg line of 12 Gauge pump action shotguns. Our unique, patented design incorporates an internal magazine that offers the shooter instant access to ammunition. Not only does the FLASH 5 protect ammunition from the elements and the risk of damage, but its ergonomic ingenuity- also proves to be the fastest option when reloading. Its rugged construction is built to hold up under the harshest environments and most demanding situations.

The TactaLoad FLASH 5 gunstock is Made in America and was designed with the shooter in mind to address this all-too-common problem- of limited ammunition capacity in the most convenient location, and the ability to reload fast. The FLASH-5 is ambidextrous and can hold all three sizes of 12 Gauge ammunition (2 ¾”, 3” and 3 ½“).

Shooters come in all shapes and sizes and no gunstock alone can be a perfect fit for everyone. That is why TactaLoad offers optional Length of Pull Spacers- as an accessory, giving shooters the ability to adjust the gunstock to achieve a perfect fit. The FLASH-5 stock can be adjusted from 13.5” without LOP spacers up to 14.5” with both LOP spacers installed.

TactaLoad also offers a Tactical buttplate which gives shooters another option besides a rubber recoil pad. The Tactical buttplate wont cling to gear or clothing, while maneuvering in close quarters or, tactical situations. Its aggressive texture won’t slip once shouldered and the overall Length of Pull is reduced to 12 ½”.

From Sportsmen, Law Enforcement, Military and Personal Defense needs, TactaLoad’s Rapid Reload Technology will quickly become the industry standard for easily accessible ammunition. So, if you’re ready to upgrade your pump action shotgun, consider adding a FLASH-5 today.

Contact Info:

Michael Lavergne 214-418-6760 michael.lavergne@tactaload.com


Product Demonstration Video Link: https://youtu.be/ezNt-rtlPUw