Tuesday, November 21, 2023

HSM Ammunition Launches Cutting-Edge 6mm Advance Rifle Cartridge

HSM Ammunition, a leading name in the ammunition industry proudly introduces its latest caliber - the 6mm Advance Rifle Cartridge (ARC). This breakthrough product is poised to set new standards for precision, accuracy, and overall performance.

The 6mm ARC is designed to meet the evolving needs of shooters, providing a versatile and reliable solution for a variety of applications. Whether used in competitive shooting, hunting, or tactical scenarios, this cartridge offers unmatched accuracy, consistent performance, and optimal terminal ballistics.

Key features of the 6mm ARC Cartridge include:

Precision Engineering: The 6mm ARC is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, leveraging state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to ensure consistency and accuracy shot after shot.

Optimized Ballistics: This cartridge boasts optimized ballistics, delivering a flat trajectory and excellent downrange energy, making it a top choice for both short and long-range shooting.

Versatility: From precision marksmanship to dynamic shooting situations, the 6mm ARC excels in diverse scenarios, offering shooters the flexibility they need for success.

Available in three popular rifle lines:

TROPHY GOLD: 95 gr. Berger VLD; 2,600 ft./sec.

TIPPING POINT 2 : 95 gr. Hor. SST; 2,554 ft./sec.

VARMINT: 75 gr. Hor. V-Max; 2,950 ft./sec

[velocities reflect AR-15 safe pressures from a 21” bbl.]

The 6mm ARC is now available for purchase at authorized dealers and distributors.

HSM Ammunition has been a trusted name in the ammunition industry for 56 years, delivering top-quality products and innovative solutions to shooters worldwide.

Committed to excellence, HSM Ammunition continues to lead the way in providing reliable and high-performance ammunition for various applications.