Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Turf Titan’s K9 Corrector Protects Lawns

Fort Wayne, IN — Turf Titan K9 Correcter’s™ time-tested formula of beneficial bacteria and humates works deep in soil to promote healthy green grass and protect from future urine burnout.

Dog urine contains high levels of nitrogen that can burn grass, leaving unsightly yellow and brown spots throughout a lawn. But dual-performance K9 Correcter can repair damage while utilizing locked-up nutrients in soil to promote a green, healthy lawn.

K9 Correcter removes the excess nitrogen and salts from soil that lead to burnout, allowing new grass, sod, or seed to grow. The powerful microbes and plant remediation ingredients revive lawns and help protect from future potential problems.

Unlike pH-altering pills, treats, and supplements that can cause serious medical issues in dogs, K9 Correcter effectively treats the problem, not the pet. The commercial-strength formula is easy to apply, effective on all grass types, and safe for children, animals, and the planet.

To learn more about K9 Correcter and browse the full Turf Titan lineup, visit turftitanbrands.com.

About Turf Titan

Family owned and operated, Turf Titan harnesses the power of naturally occurring, beneficial microorganisms for lawn, garden, and agricultural applications. Turf Titan products are non-GMO, made in the USA, and completely safe for animals and plants — all backed by 30 years of happy customers and a satisfaction guarantee. To learn more about the Turf Titan difference, visit turftitanbrands.com. May the best lawn win.

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