Wednesday, January 13, 2021

American Rifleman TV Wednesday

Wednesday Night ARTV: NRA Rules for Safe Gun Handling, Hornady 6 mm ARC and the Soviet DP-28

In this week's episode of American Rifleman TV, National Rifle Association's Larry Quandahl walks us through the NRA rules for safe gun handling. At its core, the NRA serves as a source of training and safety information for America's millions of gun owners, and the organization's safety rules are at the heart of responsible gun ownership.

On "Rifleman Review," we take a look at the Hornady 6 mm ARC, which was developed for military use and enhances the capabilities of the AR-15 platform. On "I Have This Old Gun," we're examining the Degtyaryov DP-28, a unique light machine gun that formed an essential part of the Soviet small-arms arsenal during World War II.

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