Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Mossy Oak to Release Feature-Length Documentary, THE COLONEL AND THE FOX

Three years ago, the folks at Mossy Oak worked to bring together two of the last remaining turkey hunters from the generation of men and women that saved the wild turkey: Mossy Oak’s patriarch Mr. Fox Haas and cult-classic Tenth Legion author Col. Tom Kelly.

The iconic camp became a celebration of turkey hunting history and tradition throughout the turkey hunting world. A short video of the significance of the camp was planned, but the Mossy Oak team quickly realized that there was an opportunity to tell a much greater story.

In the 1940s, wild turkeys and the way of life of those who hunt them were on the brink of extinction. In what would become known as America's greatest conservation success story, turkey hunting's greatest generation decided to do something about it.

The feature-length documentary THE COLONEL AND THE FOX was created with heart and soul and painstaking care to tell the story of the wild turkey through the life stories of these two woodsmen who've become icons of turkey hunting, conservation and family tradition. The film was premiered for the first time in West Point, MS for Mossy Oak’s employees and local friends and family of the brand.

It will premiere free to the public tonight, Wednesday, April 3, at 7 pm CT on the Mossy Oak YouTube account. Mossy Oak wants to make it easily available to each and every wild turkey hunter and enthusiast who wants to watch it; it’s an important story to hear.

The film will embark on a small tour around the Southeast; details of each stop will be available soon.

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