Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Black Gold Pro Tim Gillingham Stands on Podium at IBO Worlds

Black Gold is proud to announce that pro shooter, Tim “The Hammer” Gillingham took second place at the IBO World Championship event held August 11-14, 2022, in Seven Springs, PA. Tim has been on the podium in all of his IBO appearances this year. IBO Worlds is swarming with the best talent in archery and boasts tight, intense competition. Tim stayed consistent and focused and was able to chalk up another great finish.

Tim commented after his finish, “I shot the most 11’s out of anyone today on the final 10. Six out of ten 11’s on a long, tough course. But, I was competing against other top notch shooters and we were all on our game, which made for a close finish. I’m glad I had Black Gold keeping me in the hunt for the win”

“IBO Worlds is a tough shoot and Tim has proven his abilities again and again so it’s no surprise to see The Hammer finish so strong. He is without a doubt one of the very best,” says Jeff Suiter, Director of Marketing for Black Gold. “Tim is a collected and prepared talent. We could not be happier with his performance this year and look forward to more from him in the future. Congratulations to Tim.”

Tim is headed to the NFAA Outdoor National Target Championships and First Dakota Classic.

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