Thursday, June 16, 2022

Parkwest Arms Custom Bolt Action Rifles

(Sturgis, South Dakota) Parkwest Arms, the leader in expertly crafted bolt action rifles and highly accurate hunting and tactical rifles is proud to introduce their complete line to the United States. Operating out of the former Dakota Arms workshop, the newly named Parkwest Arms is proud to keep the tradition and quality alive that has been so loved and celebrated by millions for decades.

Much has changed, but what is most important remains the same. From the vision, to the dedicated employees who have remained committed to their craft, Parkwest Arms continues to be the pinnacle of craftsmanship, accuracy, and performance. Never faltering in their most careful attention to detail on the outside of the rifle, you’ll find impeccable hand-checkering and inletting that is without flaw. The internal components of the firearm are crafted with the same precision and always from the finest materials. Every final product that comes out of the Sturgis workshop is a breathtaking, high performace work of art.

Parkwest Arms’ custom series is focused on the highest quality sporting firearms made in the USA. Nothing is ever mass produced; rather, they use only the highest grade certified steel to manufacture in their machine shop using modern CNC equipment. No plastic, no castings, but only the best quality parts made to precise tolerances. The difference is not just what you see, but also what you feel when handling these rifles. And the secret to the this level of quality is in the experienced hands of the Parkwest craftsman. Decades of talent and a passion for the final product is clearly shown in what they do.

Parkwest Arms is pleased to offer handcrafted custom rifles with a wide range of options to fit every hunter or shooter. Each gun will be one every generation will cherish while exceeding all standards for any bolt action or tactical rifle. The SD-76 Dark Continent rifle is indispensable in the lineup and remains highly demanded. Developed for the dangerous game species of Africa, the action is designed with extra length to house calibers in the 416 Rigby Class with a magazine capacity of 4. They also offer their PW-ACE that is a single shot bolt action rifle handcrafted for accuracy and reliability. Their Single Shot Hunting rifle, the SD-10 is a falling block single shot designed for the sportsman who wants accuracy and unparalleled consistency. They all are customizable to make yours one of a kind. The TAC-LDR is a custom grade long range rifle. Each are built by hand and have become the leader in long range shooting. Newly released and already making waves in the market is their PW-XTi, a modern, light weight, hunting rifle. Based on a state of the art titanium receiver, it features a carbon wrapped barrel, carbon fiber stock, and a host of other customizable features. In addition to this remarkable selection, Parkwest Arms offers AR Platform, their all new PW-P9. Featuring a patented design that guarantees last shot bolt open operation, these are unlike any other for defense or at the range.

Parkwest Arms has such a rich history. With over 160 years of combined experience and unequaled skills that define a craft that has become all too scarce, the Parkwest talented gunmakers provide an unmatched level of expertise in building custom bolt action rifles. Pride in their craft is paramount. The legacy will live on for decades as they continue building the rifles of your dreams.

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About Parkwest Arms

Established over 35 years ago in Sturgis, South Dakota, Parkwest Arms (formerly Dakota Arms) has built a reputation amongst the shooting and hunting elite by providing the finest bolt action rifles on the market. With over 160 years of combined experience, each employee brings with them a wealth of knowledge, experience and a genuine passion for gunmaking. It is these people that create a solid foundation for Parkwest Arms to continue to be the leader in custom bolt action rifles.

Once-in-a-lifetime. Priceless. Memorable. These words ring true on each adventure you embark on, and the Parkwest Arms firearms you take with you.

The Pinnacle in Firearms Quality and Performance