Friday, May 6, 2022

AGM Global Vision Sponsors The Proving Grounds

Founded by industry pioneers in the tactical athletic competition space, The Proving Grounds is a 1 day, 4 stage competition that tests the tactical athlete's shooting and fitness prowess. The single-day competition focuses on the ability to engage targets while under various forms of stress in both day and night environments – in the most realistic conditions possible with live ammunition.

It is a holistic firearms competition that will force the competitor to truly demonstrate their shooting skills, fitness levels and mental toughness. Competitors will be pushed to the brink of their abilities and then some.

Competitors are required to advance through various stages of the course – including stages of low-light to no-light environments. During these stages competitors will have the ability to utilize night vision and thermal optics to aid in movement and shooting in darkness

“AGM is excited to be part of the competition. It’s not something you typically see night vision and thermal optic companies doing – and we’re excited to be part of it.” Said Randy Carothers – Director of Marketing at AGM.

The Proving Grounds has a number of events scheduled throughout the year all over the continental United States. It’s a fantastic opportunity for those trying to test their skills in shooting, fitness, and get acquainted with the benefits of night vision and electro optics.

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