Thursday, October 1, 2020

October Mountain Products Featured on the TradGeeks Podcast

Mount Joy, PA - October Mountain Products was recently featured on the TradGeeks podcast - a podcast focused on all things archery, traditional archery, and hunting.

October Mountain Products’ co-owner and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Justin Gorman, and lead product designer, Dale Howe, sat down to talk with host, Kevin Morrow.

Morrow said, “I always enjoy diving into the roots of companies and how they were brought to life.”

During Episode 089 of the TradGeeks podcast, they discussed the origins of October Mountain Products and the parent company, Kinsey’s Inc., as well as their sister companies Elevation and Kinsey’s Outdoors. They also discussed traditional archery and the various products October Mountain Products offers to archers and bowhunters alike.

Gorman shared his thoughts on being featured on the podcast stating, “Kevin is a great host and TradGeeks provides a unique perspective on hunting by focusing on the purest form of archery, recurve bow hunting. Beyond learning a few things about hunting strategies and recurve bows, TradGeeks provides an opportunity to discuss what hunting is truly all about.”

To listen to Episode #89 of the TradGeeks podcast - visit the TradGeeks podcast website at