Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Stone Road Media Partners with Field Dog Life, Launches New Website

Stone Road Media has recently partnered with Field Dog Life, a soon-to-release magazine and online community dedicated to being a resource for Labrador Retrievers and their owners in the outdoor sports realm.

Field Dog Life was born from a Facebook group in 2013, created out of a need for Labs and their trainers to have a place to come together online for both discussion and celebration of the dogs competing.

“Our goal was, and continues to be, to bring light to the work that Labs do in the field alongside their hunting partners and to showcase the pure athleticism of the breed in hunt tests and field trials,” says Diane Zokle, founder of Field Dog Life. She continues, “We also wanted to introduce people to the sport of field trials and hunt tests because at the center of these events are athletes—some of the best in the world—that happen to run on all fours.”

Field Dog Life went on to build a community where people who love their dogs as much as the people at Field Dog Life do can share their stories, learn from others, and engage with other Lab owners. “It’s important for us that people see and appreciate Labs according to the original breed standard and to witness what these dogs can do,” says Zokle.

In 2015, @field_dog_life was launched on Instagram, amassing a community of over 100k lab owners, hunters, breeders, trainers, and lab lovers, showcasing what gun dogs do and just how essential they are to the hunting community as a whole.

Field Dog Life recently launched an all new website, powered by Stone Road Media, which houses valuable information for lab owners, a platform to discuss and share what these owners have learned in an effort to help other trainers, an opportunity to showcase the achievements of the dogs, and an affiliate shop which allows members of the Field Dog Life community to shop top-rated products recommended by Field Dog Life from brands like YETI, Carhartt, Drake, Garmin, and more.

“We here at Field Dog Life are excited to continue to grow this community and be a resource for Lab lovers and their furry friends across the world,” remarks Zokle.

To pre-order the first issue of the magazine, please visit

Be sure to check out Field Dog Life on Facebook and follow @field_dog_life on Instagram to stay up-to-date on all things Labs!


Brianna Harr

Marketing Manager, Stone Road Media