Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Air Venturi and Steambow Announce Strategic Partnership

New Collaboration Brings the Best of Archery, Airguns Together

CLEVELAND, OHIO -Air Venturi, a leading manufacturer and importer of airguns and airsoft guns is pleased to announce its partnership with Steambow GmbH, a leading manufacturer of innovative crossbows.

"We're excited to be expanding the "power of air" to the archery industry with the Steambow / Air Venturi partnership. We introduced bolt-shooting air powered hunting rifles under the Seneca line as our first step into the archery. Now, as we partner with Steambow, and their innovative line of crossbows, we're excited to continue our expansion to provide retailers and hunters something new and exciting," says Scott Stevens, Air Venturi's National Sales Manager.

"Steambow found the perfect partner in Air Venturi. Air Venturi's unparalleled expertise of precharged pneumatic airguns and "everything air" makes them ideal to bring Steambow's innovative products to the US," stated Gerald Missbach, CEO of Steambow GmbH.

First to be released is the ONYX, the industry's first and only one-push cocking (OPC) crossbow. The ONYX features collapsible limbs for easier transport and an arrow speed of up to 330 fps. But the biggest differentiator is the one-push cocking system powered by a refillable high-pressure air tank - a simple touch of a button can cock and decock the unit, thus erasing the safety concerns associated with a traditional crossbow. With traditional crossbows, hunters need to carry them fully cocked and ready to fire. With the ONYX, one can automatically cock the crossbow when they need it...immediately before shooting!

For additional information on the Steambow line from Air Venturi, contact Air Venturi Marketing Manager, Kristen Coss by phone: 216-292-2570 ext. 253 or email: kristen.coss@airventuri.com. Steambow GmbH contact: Chase Rohlfsen, President Rubline Marketing by phone: 319-488-6879 or by email: chase@rublinemarketingcorp.com.

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