Monday, September 18, 2023

Throom Targets Partners With The Heritage Guild

Throom Targets is excited to announce their newly formed partnership with The Heritage Guild.

The Heritage Guild has three convenient locations in NJ and PA that includes firearms, indoor and outdoor ranges, archery, training and pro-shops in modern, safe, comfortable facilities. Their Flagship location in Easton, PA is open to the public with 3 distinct indoor firearms ranges - 29 lanes in total - all 5-Star NSSF Rated. In addition, they offer over 175 guns in their rental program, including Machine Guns. Their Events Center can accommodate 100+ and they offer customized events for every need from bachelor parties to corporate events.

The Heritage Guild offers reliable, individualized personal service to guide customers through all aspects of product selection, ownership, and use. They offer a unique Try-Before-You-Buy program that will help you select the right firearm for you.

Training Academy: The Heritage Guild offers a wide variety of classes. From basic pistol, rifle, & shotgun to beginner archery, their instructors teach safety, fundamentals, and proficiency. They cater to all experience levels.

The Heritage Guild Easton, Branchburg, and Rahway are destinations for recreational target shooters, collectors, sportsmen, and other enthusiasts from throughout the Lehigh Valley and North/Central New Jersey. The Heritage Guild:

Benefits of THROOM®

• No ricochet or bullet splatter

• Bullets pass through target (leaving only a pinhole behind)

• Targets can be shot thousands of times

• Targets can be shot at much closer range than steel, safely

• Paper tears off stand at close range

• Targets are lighter than steel and easier to transport

• Throom Targets are reactive; the shooter will see action with each hit while maintaining safer shooting conditions than with steel targets

THROOM® Targets were the first Self-Healing, Ricochet-Free Polymer Reactive targets introduced to the industry, originally known as Newbold Targets in October 1995. They are made entirely in the USA with equipment that is designed and manufactured in the USA with all materials sourced domestically. Our family owned and operated business is headquartered in Middlesex, New Jersey and is responsible for the sales, marketing and manufacturing of all THROOM Target products in the United States and international markets. The family’s main focus is to design and manufacture self-healing reactive polymer targets that are safer than steel and provide customers with peace of mind when engaging in activities ranging from tactical training and shooting competitions to weekend plinking. The business has succeeded in maintaining manufacturing jobs in the United States for over 25 years.

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