Thursday, September 1, 2022

The International Order of T. Roosevelt Joins Blood Origins Podcast

The New Conservation Organization is Leaving a Lasting Impact

Scottsdale, Arizona - Aurelia S. Giacometto, CEO of the International Order of T. Roosevelt (IOTR), joined Robbie Kröger on the Blood Origins Podcast, to share how conservation connects us all. In its first year, IOTR is spearheading huge conservation projects to change the landscape of conservation for generations to come by protecting and enhancing at-risk wildlife and their habitats.

Aurelia's education and career experience are at the forefront of every IOTR project. The IOTR believes in using ingenuity through science and stewardship because the development of our natural resources and healthy ecosystems can co-exist. One of IOTR's flagship projects is restoring the Greater Sage Grouse population through captive breeding; Aurelia held the first captive-bred sage grouse egg laid in the United States. All of IOTR's initial five flagship projects conduct work in the field using science.

"It's rare in the hunting and conservation world to see a new organization around conservation emerge, especially one that a woman leads. I'm excited to see what Aurelia does at the helm of the new International Order of T. Roosevelt. They have certainly come out of the gates swinging when it comes to conservation projects, from Louisiana to South Africa - some outstanding projects that they have thrown their weight behind," stated Robbie Kröger.

"I'm extremely grateful to share with Robbie about IOTR and our distinctive yet collaborative approaches to our fieldwork. Blood Origins and IOTR have the same goal, to invest in wildlife and our youth, it’s the cornerstone for conservation for years to come," said Aurelia S. Giacometto.

Aurelia and the IOTR Board are taking their business success and converging on how they make a difference in a transformative way regarding conservation and wildlife. IOTR knows the importance of protecting today's precious resources for tomorrow's generation to enjoy.

About International Order of T. Roosevelt

More than ever, our wildlife, fish, lands, and traditions that we treasure are at risk. Founded on the conservation ideals of Theodore Roosevelt, the IOTR is committed to our heritage, educating our youth, ingenuity through science, and stewardship that meets today’s conservation challenges.

IOTR is recognized as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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