Thursday, March 14, 2019

Infinity X Lightweight Silencer from Liberty Suppressors

Infinity X Lightweight Silencer from Liberty Suppressors

Liberty Suppressors is proud to announce the release of our latest silencer design, the Infiniti X, a lightweight modular mount silencer!

The Infiniti X is the lightweight cousin to the ever-popular Mystic X silencer. This design incorporates several positive design attributes from the Mystic X, but also has a few tricks of it’s own. First thing you will notice is that it is light! At only 6.8 ounces, this can tips the scales near what most rimfire silencers weigh! Secondly, it performs exceptionally well on a myriad of calibers and accepts all of the same mounts that work in our other modular silencers. Shoot your favorite 9mm handgun then you Ruger 10/22 and finally go deer hunting all with the same silencer that is sure to go easy on your back! Immediately available for transfer, all NFA rules apply.

The Infiniti X has an MSRP of $845.

About Liberty Suppressors:

Liberty Suppressors is a family owned, Georgia based silencer company that has pioneered many concepts in the industry. Liberty Suppressors offers a full line of silencers for everything from 22LR up to 458 SOCOM.

Liberty Suppressors can be found on the web at and by phone at 706-661-6911.