Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Headrest Safe Company, LLC Announces Jeff Naranjo as Chief Manufacturing Officer

Homewood, Alabama – The Headrest Safe Company, LLC, innovators of the ultimate discreet vehicle safe storage system, is proud to announce Jeff Naranjo will assume the role of Chief Manufacturing Officer.

As the Chief Manufacturing Officer for The Headrest Safe Company, Naranjo oversees the company’s manufacturing processes as well as sources suppliers and vendors. He is an experienced professional Custom Integrator. He knows how important a home is for long-term happiness and has invested his career in simplifying people’s lives in the tech industry by providing solutions with today’s revolving technologies.

“We travel with our firearms all the time, taking them to the range, or carrying them on our person.” said Jeff Naranjo, Chief Manufacturing Officer, The Headrest Safe Company. “As a result, there will be times when you might have to leave your firearm in your vehicle. This creates a situation that deserves careful consideration. The last thing you want is to have your gun stolen and potentially misused by a criminal.” Naranjo goes on to say, “Locking the doors of your vehicle does not constitute secure firearm storage. The glove compartment or console of your car or truck, even if lockable, should not be considered a secure storage device either, as it can be pried open too easily. If you need to leave your firearm in a vehicle, The Headrest Safe can accomplish both a stylish look and safety.”

After earning a degree in Construction Management & Building Inspection Technology, Naranjo was driven to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a business owner. He then took a keen interest in high-end, luxury homes and had been working in the A/V- IT industry for 16 years. During that time, he has assisted over 3,500 people in finding the right integrated system for their homes or business.

Naranjo has worked for some of the most respectable Real Estate Developers, Interior Designers and General Contractors in the Coachella Valley and individually under his A/V Firm “Premier A/V & Integration” he held the title of CEO. Naranjo has also been published in HGTV Quarterly Magazine for “Best Home Theater design in 2013”.

Keep your valuables and firearms safe and secure with The Headrest Safe™. You never have to worry about taking your valuables or firearms with you again. The Headrest Safe™ utilizes the best quality materials available, so you can count on your safe being extremely tough. With three ways to open your safe (thumbprint, key, and code), you’ll have rapid access to your gun or valuables using the secure method of entry that you choose. Make sure your valuables are where you want them, when you need them.

For more information about The Headrest Safe Company and their products, please visit: www.theheadrestsafe.com

About The Headrest Safe Company, LLC

As the innovator of the headrest safe industry, our mission is to provide the most robust, discreet vehicle safe storage system on the market. Doing so, we have provided peace of mind that your firearm or valuables are safe and secure; all the while allowing rapid access when you need it most. We utilize the most advanced materials available today.

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