Wednesday, September 16, 2020

EasyExport Posts July 2020 EasyExport Insights

Hartford, CT -- EasyExport™ has posted a new issue of EasyExport Insights™, containing three years of export sales information for 20 categories of firearms, rifle scopes and related products. The new issue is updated to include export data for July 2020.

Committed to providing U.S. exporters with actionable information to help them grow their export sales, EasyExport Insights enables exporters to identify the export potential for the products they make or sell. EasyExport Insights also shows exporters the leading markets for their products.

The current issue focuses the EasyExport Insights spotlight on shotguns and on the country of Thailand. Spotlight reports provide a deeper look at one product category and one export market each month. Look at this month’s Spotlight reports for graphs, table sand data that will help you better understand the export potential for your business.

This month’s Behind the Numbers feature is entitled “Small Market or Untapped Market.” Using rimfire rifles as an example, we ask what it mean that exports of American-made rimfire rifles to the rest of the world have averaged a little more than $14 million annually over the last three years? Is the worldwide market opportunity really that small or is it merely untapped? Our view is that there is room for U.S. manufacturers of rimfire rifles to grow their market share in certain countries. Read this month’s EasyExport Insights to learn why.

We have posted to our blog a companion piece, “6 Ways to Use Data to Grow International Sales,” that picks up where this month’s Behind the Numbers feature leaves off. It’s great to have international market data, but what do you do with it? How can you turn data into increased international sales? Our blog post offers some thoughts to get you started.

EasyExport is the only automated processing service that enables U.S. sellers of firearms, parts, scopes, sound suppressors, and other accessories to ship online orders safely and legally to lawful purchasers in 82 countries. Informed by customized EasyExport Insights reports specific to their businesses and products, EasyExport customers work with our partner international marketing firms to implement targeted marketing campaigns in the most promising export markets.

EasyExport Insights is published monthly and is available at no charge for viewing and download at

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