Tuesday, June 11, 2024

South Carolina Waterfowl Assn. Partners with Smith & Wesson for Handgun Safety Course

The South Carolina Waterfowl Association has partnered with Smith & Wesson, a leading firearms manufacturer, to develop SCWA’s youth handgun safety course at Camp Woodie. Camp Woodie is a summer camp program which focuses on passing on the heritage of hunting, fishing and conservation to youth ages 7-16 through a variety of outdoor activities. This course is being offered specifically to our 15- and 16-year-old campers, and will take place at the new 25 bay pistol and rifle range. SCWA’s new handgun safety course is designed to teach young people gun safety through proper training and education, in an effort to prevent future firearm- related accidents. According to SCWA CEO, David Wielicki: “The SCWA Team is excited to partner with the Smith & Wesson Team to promote handgun safety and training to the next generation of shooting sports enthusiasts. SCWA and Smith & Wesson share the core values of Safety and Quality in all of our programs.”

Kyle Tengwall, VP of Marketing at S&W added: “Smith & Wesson is grateful for the opportunity to partner with organizations such as SCWA that share our commitment to advocating the importance of firearms safety and training. Empowerment through firearm ownership carries an equal responsibility to not only be educated, but also proficient. It is a pledge to safeguard our communities and uphold our constitutional rights as Americans.”

About SCWA:

The South Carolina Waterfowl Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to enhance and perpetuate South Carolina’s wildlife heritage through education and habitat conservation.