Friday, April 16, 2021

UrgeMedia Announces Renewed Partnership with Koola Buck

UrgeMedia is proud to announce its renewed partnership with Koola Buck, helping them to reach all varieties of outdoor enthusiast with television placements, influencer marketing, and other digital marketing efforts through UrgeMedia’s marketing platform.

Koola Buck has mostly been known for their Walk-in Coolers and Meat Hooks but has entered into the Game Bag world while bringing in a wild concept. What makes Koola Buck Game Bags different than any of the competitors is that they have a special Anti-Microbial coating on the bags, which they also offer in a Spray for conditioning your current game bags. Go to to learn more.

UrgeMedia is based out of Eagle, Colorado having been in business for 20+ years helping organizations to maximize their exposure to consumers in the hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation space. While delivering custom and a-la-carte marketing agendas at a fraction of the cost helping our partners to get the best ROI for their marketing dollars. Visit for more details.