Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Darton Archery Joins Ridge Road Outdoor Media and Sales

Darton Archery joins Ridge Road Outdoor Media and Sales to expand their targeted customer engagement to drive sales

Chatfield, MN – Ridge Road Outdoor Media and Sales would like to welcome Darton Archery into our participating brands! We are excited to bring our social media and sales channels to expand targeted customer engagement and drive sales.

Darton continues to expand COMPOUND BOW TECHNOLOGY by utilizing the NEW equalizer Cam

and Cable System on more models for 2019


MAVERICK XT - A Must Shoot! The Maverick II has been improved with the introduction of the NEW Dual Sync XT Cam. The NEW Maverick XT utilizes the Darton patented Dual Sync Cam and Yoke System with its NEW Adjustable Module System that makes it easy to ‘fit the bow to you’, while providing a few additional fps of speed. Only a bow like this would be worthy of the Maverick name, once the flagship of Darton’s Bow Line. The new Maverick XT has quite a reputation to live up to and we feel it is up to the task. Once you shoot the Maverick XT we are sure you will agree. You will find this bow to be more compact and impressively fast, with no vibration after the shot. It will instill a feeling of confidence few bows can.

SPECIFICATIONS: SPEED: 340-345 FPS | AXLE-TO-AXLE: 33” BRACE HEIGHT: 6” | MASS WEIGHT: 4.2 LBS. DRAW LENGTHS: 25”-30 1/2” DRAW WEIGHTS: 40, 50, 60, 70 | LET-OFF: 85% AVAILABLE RISER COLORS: Black*, Red*, Blue*, White*, Purple* - *Available with black or white limbs. Black w/OD Green, Highlander Camo, Typhon Camo

The Toxin 100 marks some firsts for Darton’s crossbow lineup. The Toxin 100 is the lightest of Darton’s crossbows at 6.8 pounds, along with being the shortest at 31-3/4”. You wonder what Darton surrendered in order to achieve these firsts? Nothing. The Toxin 100 features a trackless composite barrel assembly using Darton’s Patented Bullpup forward trigger design to maximize power stroke and get a better balanced bow for the hunter. Because of its uniquely smooth power stroke, modest 170 lbs. draw weight and 13-1/2” power stroke most hunters will find this crossbow a breeze to cock while still having the ability to launch a 400 grain arrow at 340 fps. The 17” axle to axle and its short length allow the Toxin 100 to be used in any blind. Available in Shadow Black with Carbon decorated limbs for the High Tech look it deserves. The Toxin 100 SS will accept the XT accessory kit.


• Hi-Energy Cam System

• Trackless Composite Barrel design

• Patented Anti Dry Fire Safety

• Auto Engaged Safety

• Dual String Suppressors

• Sling Studs Included

• Bowstring: 36-3/8”, Power Cables: 18-3/8”


SPEED (400 GR.): 340 FPS






Darton Archery bows and crossbows are now available through Ridge Road Outdoors! Check out their brand showcase on

About Darton Archery

Rex Darlington, is one of the most popular engineers for compound bows today . This year Darton has released new technology that no one has come up with. This bows draw cycle is like no other and the shootablity can’t be matched. For more information head to

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