Monday, November 9, 2020

Rhino Blinds 600 in Mossy Oak

From whitetails, to spring gobblers, to waterfowl, to ambushing western big game, sportsmen are increasingly choosing to hunt from fast-set ground blinds. Ground blinds are ideal when trying to stay out of the harsh elements, or if the hunter is searching for more room to hunt in comfort, or when hunting with a family member or a friend.

The versatility of hunting in a protable ground blind is unmatched.

Rhino Blinds has made it easy for hunters to hunt wherever they want, in whatever elements Mother Nature may dial-up. And the Rhino 600 portable ground blind offers the durability and effectiveness the hunter needs to hunt year after year.

The Rhino 600

“The ground blind you can leave out all fall” is constructed of true 600-denier polyester thread in horizontal and vertical weave, allowing it to hold up year after year. To make it even longer-lasting, the 600 is U.V. treated with DWR (durable water repellant) to protect the fabrics and with an antimicrobial to help prevent mold, rot and mildew. DWR allows the hunter to set the blind up three to four days before hunting, and keep it up through the entire hunt, no matter the conditions. The 600 is designed to withstand rain, snow, hail, and wind.

The Rhino 600 is made to last using a durable rod-and-hub system. The 5-hub design provides maximum strength. Rhino Blinds has replacement parts available at all times to keep the blind working properly.

Hunters will appreciate the blind’s quick setup and takedown. Once the blind is out of the bag, with little practice, employing the 600 may be accomplished in as little as 60 seconds.

Inside, the Rhino 600 comfortably fits two or three hunters. It has a 71" center height with 60" x 60" of floor space. The window system features a large front panel, two forward-side panels and three on the back wall. The windows feature shoot-through mesh and solid fabric sewn into the blind with hook-and-loop attachments on the side and top. The 600 has an additional zippered roof opening for better air circulation and different hunting applications, such as waterfowl hunting.

Included with the blind are tie-down stakes, ropes and a backpack-style carrying bag. The Rhino 600 only weighs 26 lbs., which allows hunters to quick and easy transportion.

The Rhino 600 is available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country or Mossy Oak Obsession and retails for $289.99.

The Rhino Blinds’ motto “the toughest ground blind known to man” continues to be nationally endorsed by hunting professionals, photographers and hunting guides.

Rhino Blinds can be found at your favorite sporting goods retailer, or by ordering online at; phone at (888) 507-2021. For customer service email

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