Wednesday, July 21, 2021

MDOWA Announces 2020 EIC Awards

MDOWA Announces 2020 Excellent in Craft Awards- The Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers Association held its annual conference in Clear Spring, Maryland,where award chairman Harry Guyer announced the winners. Information about MDOWA can be found at

1. The Wheeler Johnson Memorial Award for Best Newspaper Article

  1. Tom Tatum “Saying Goodbye to a 4-legged Friend” Daily Local News
  2. Doyle Dietz “Chesapeake Bay Charter for Fall Rockfish” Pottsville Republican Herald

3. Tyler Frantz “Church on the Mountain” Pottsville Republican Herald

2. The Herb Blackwell Memorial Award for the Best Magazine or Regional Newspaper Article.

  1. Steve Sorenson “8 Reasons Why We Hit Deer” Deer and Deer Hunting
  2. Joe Byers “Shore Bet for Big Bucks” Whitetails Unlimited
  3. Brian Kightlinger “Still the King” Buckmasters

3. The Talbot Denmead Memorial Award for Best on Conservation and/or the Environment

  1. Tyler Frantz “Keepers of the Stream” Pennsylvania Angler & Boater
  2. Charlie Burchfield “What Do Elk Eat?” The Bradford Era
  3. Tim Flanigan “Early Birds” Covers Magazine

4. The Pete Greer Memorial Award for the Best Published Outdoor Photograph

  1. Tim Flanigan “Pheasant” Pennsylvania Wildlife Calenda
  2. Alex Zidock “Flintlock Fire” The Journal-Herald
  3. Tyler Frantz “Bird Dog” Pottsville Republican Herald

5. The Frank Smoot Memorial Three-Year Rotating Award: Art

1. Dan Neuland “Wood Duck” Frederick News-Post

6. The Bass Pro Shops “Pass It On” Award

  1. Tim Flanigan “First Bird” Grouse & Woodcock
  2. Joe Byers “Priceless Lessons Learned during Pandemic Hunters’ Leadership Forum
  3. Dan Neuland “Mentoring Next Generation of Hunters” Frederick News-Post

7. Best Outdoor Blog Award

1. Joe Byers “East Coast Multi-Game Safaris” Hunters’ Leadership Forum

2. Brian Kightlinger “Year of the Huntress” Global

3. Steve Sorenson “Minnesota Surf and Turf – Louisiana Style”