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Popticals Set for NRAAM2024 Debut

Breakthrough Ballistics Eyewear, POPZULU, Set for Big Reveal

Special Booth Appearance featuring Kentucky Ballistics


ST. LOUIS, Missouri – Popticals®, an emerging premium eyewear brand, will officially unveil their new POPZULU ballistic eyewear, along with their full line of adventure sunglasses built for outdoor enthusiasts, during the upcoming 153rd National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas, May 17-19.

Step into the field with POPZULU, a cutting-edge triumph in ballistic eyewear engineered for the most demanding environment providing the ultimate ally in tactical and industrial eye protection. Whether you are at the shooting range or on the front lines of workplace safety, POPZULU offers full-scale defense with lenses engineered to shield and a frame designed to tuck away into the pocket-sized fortitude of its hard-shell case.

Among the more than 14 acres of guns and gear, Popticals will display the Ops Edition, mission-ready, POPZULU ballistic eyewear out of Booth 7239. The three-day event will include opportunities to interact and engage with 70,000-plus potential customers, all active in outdoor and shooting sports with an eye for performance and reliability in their shooting essentials.


Helping roll out the new product line for shooting sports enthusiasts will be Scott DeShields, who operates the popular YouTube channel Kentucky Ballistics, testing unique, powerful firearms and ammunition at his outdoor Kentucky range. Popticals welcomes Scott to their booth on Friday, May 17 from 3:30-4:30 pm.

After recovering from life-threatening injuries due to an explosion of his Serbu 50-caliber rifle in 2021, many of DeShields’ newer videos involve outright destructive tests on various weapons by firing deliberately overloaded ammunition to induce a similar catastrophic failure.

POPZULU ballistic sunglasses incorporate the same innovative frame design and manufacturing found in other leading POPTICALS styles, and the patented FL2 Micro-Rail System™ technology that provides one-of-a-kind collapsibility for easy and secure portability when not in use. POPZULU ballistic sunglasses are crafted using the finest materials including:

? Hydrophobic Ri-Pel® Coating to repel water, oil & dust

? Complete UV Protection filtering out 100% of harmful UV rays

? Grilamid® TR90 Material to create frames that are lightweight, flexible, and highly durable

POPZULU ballistic sunglasses undergo rigorous testing to meet stringent safety standards, including ANSI Z87.1+ and MIL-PRF-32432. The lenses are crafted using the innovative Impacto lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision, proven to significantly enhance clarity and be 5X more resistant to hits and stresses than polycarbonate alternatives. A premium hard coating is added to provide excellent scratch resistance and enhance the durability of the lenses.

The sunglasses feature ultra-lightweight frames, which minimize fatigue even during long shooting sessions. They are designed to fit comfortably, with an adjustable nose piece and strap, ensuring a secure fit for every action-packed moment on different face shapes and sizes.

POPZULU isn't just eyewear; it's a tactical gear essential. With lenses rated for ballistic impact and a collapsible design exclusive to Popticals, you're investing in vision protection designed to perform under pressure. Whether you're at the shooting range or navigating the complexities of industrial safety, POPZULU stands as your visual guardian.

“Creating ballistic and safety eyewear that caters to the specific needs of all shooting sports enthusiasts and workplace safety is the next evolutional breakthrough of Popticals as a premium eyewear provider,” said Gary DiSalvo, owner and CEO of Popticals. “The unmatched versatility, durability, aesthetics, style, adaptations, and protection found in POPZULU ballistic eyewear ensures you’ll see your target clearer than ever and experience vision without boundaries.”

POPZULU ballistic shooting sunglasses are available in three lens colors (gray, clear, orange) to suit different light conditions, preferences, and personal styles. Featuring patented Popticals technology, ballistic-grade protection, customizable comfort, and workplace safety compliance, POPZULU eyewear has been meticulously engineered to offer the perfect balance of safety and innovation.


All attendees at the NRA Annual Meeting stopping by the Popticals Booth (#7239) will enjoy a 20% discount on all available sunglasses, including the new POPZULU Ops Edition.

About Popticals:

Popticals is a breakthrough in sunglasses, providing exceptional quality and unique portability. Made in Italy, Popticals feature nylon-based NYDEF® lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision and a patented technology that enables one-of-a-kind collapsibility that makes them easily packed and carried. Lightweight and available in a broad array of styles, Popticals are indispensable to the lives of their active, engaged and discerning users. To learn more, visit:


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