Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Outdoor America Announces Programming Blocks Featuring Short-form Content Creators

Outdoor America “Shorts” will feature non-standard program length videos on streaming platforms - unlocking creators previously limited to You Tube.

Outdoor America is excited to announce a breakthrough opportunity for content creators previously limited to YouTube or their own platforms--Outdoor America “Shorts.” Outdoor America “Shorts” will feature non-standard program length videos that will run in prime time across all of their FAST distribution channels and offer the opportunity to showcase new talent and topical content previously locked out of streaming due standard TV program length restrictions.

The “Shorts” programming is expected to expand to multiple hours per week as they continue to amass interest from outdoor storytellers who want to share their expertise with consumers in a new way. Outdoor America “Shorts” will allow these storytellers to expand their audience via the reach of FAST platforms with the potential to grow in following and provide a greater value to their sponsors.

“This technical capability is unique to Outdoor America and will offer an opportunity for hundreds of outdoor experts to reach new audiences. TV formats have been inherently restrictive for next generation outdoor personalities who don’t want to be bound to post-production requirements and specific running time,” says Nick Rhodes, CEO of Outdoor America. He continues, “This also creates the ability to for content producers to get their stories on TV platforms with seasonal topicality and immediacy.”

Sasquatch Media CEO, Jay Kumar, states, "Shorter, timely content is everywhere except on TV.” He goes on to say, "It's time that someone made that happen, so it's great that Outdoor America made the investment in technology to do that. We look forward to kick-starting the next era in outdoor TV on Outdoor America."

Daniel Thomas, Director of Video Production for RealTree, commented: “We tell hundreds of outdoor video stories every year and are excited to get our high-quality content on linear TV platforms – this will help our brand, other sponsors and talent get maximum exposure.”

Outdoor America has exclusive rights to platform technology powered by software company Tenet.io and will expand these offerings to brands and creators to evolve the outdoor media category beyond the legacy sponsor underwritten program series time buys.

Outdoor America “Shorts” will premiere Q4 Tuesday’s 4:30-5:30PM EST and Thursday’s 5:30-6:30PM EST. Outdoor America can be found on Samsung Plus channel 1317, Vizio, Xumo, LG, Roku, Plex, Local Now and other leading FAST Channel platforms.

About Outdoor America:

Outdoor America is the leading multi-platform media brand designed to inspire Americans to spend more time in our nation’s great outdoors. Outdoor America is distributed across broadcast TV, connected TVs and devices, and digital and social platforms. Outdoor America is the most widely distributed outdoor media video brand. Funded and built by an experienced team of programming executives, Outdoor America is the flagship channel of Obsession Media.

For more information on Outdoor America and this revolutionary new concept, please contact Mark Weeks at mweeks@obsessionmedia.com.