Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Better The Hunt Beats the Cold with Insulated Crossbow Mitt

Enjoying late-season hunts without pain or discomfort from the cold. That’s the aim for Better The Hunt. And for crossbow hunters who enjoy late season and cold weather hunting, the Insulated Crossbow Mitt from Better The Hunt might be the difference between making a comfortable shot or missing the chance at that late season trophy. This versatile new product gives crossbow hunters an innovative option for keeping their hands nice and comfortable on those long, cold, late season hunts.

The Insulated Crossbow Mitt places an innovative spin on hunter hand comfort. The patent pending unique design of this Mitt allows for it to be attached to any style or brand of crossbow with ease and will help fight off the bitter cold that often occurs during late season hunting. As an added safety feature, the Insulated Crossbow Mitt also eliminates finger creep that can happen when using a crossbow and ensures no fingers will enter the path of the bow string. No longer must you choose between cold hands that come from thin light gloves and the ability to keep warm and safe for long periods of time. Forget about fumbling with gloves, the Insulated Crossbow Mitt stays attached to your crossbow and allows for all day comfort with your bare hand on your weapon for simple, safe shooting.

Born out of a dissatisfaction for cold-weather glove options for archery hunters, the Insulated Crossbow Mitt, like all mitts from Better The Hunt, allows a hunter to keep their hand in shooting position on their bow or firearm and maintain warmth and comfort at the same time. Simply slide your bare hand into the mitt and get after that game. Hunt with confidence thanks to unique Velcro attachment system that enables you to maintain a firm grip on your weapon without fumbling around with thick, heavy gloves. And for those bitter cold days, activate a hand warmer and place in the convenient pocket to keep even the coldest temps at bay. These innovative features eliminate the need for cold-weather hunters to choose between warmth and maneuverability.

About Better The Hunt

Better The Hunt manufactures high quality insulated hunting Mitts for a variety of late season hunting applications. Whether you’re walking the open prairie for upland game, sitting still in a tree stand, or laid back in a blind waiting on waterfowl Better The Hunt has an insulated hunting Mitt application to fit your weapon of choice. Stay warm and comfortable with these innovative new options for cold-weather hunting. For that hunter that hasn’t been able to find a good solution to fight off the cold that comes with late season archery hunting, the Insulated Bow Mitt from Better The Hunt has you covered. To learn more about this innovative product, and to see their entire lineup of insulated hunting Mitts, visit www.BetterTheHunt.com.

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