Thursday, April 15, 2021

Galco’s Ankle Holsters

Ankle holsters can be ideal for warm-weather carry of the primary handgun, or in many cases a secondary (or “backup”) handgun. They’re also particularly useful for gun carriers who are seated for much of the day. Galco offers an array of ankle holsters.

Serious gun carriers who need deep concealment rave about Galco’s Ankle Glove™. Constructed of premium saddle leather, it features a reinforced thumb break (most models) for speed of draw and detailed molding for firearm retention.

After two decades of universal praise for the Ankle Glove, Galco added the Ankle Lite™. With a holster pocket made from Premium Center Cut Steerhide™, the Ankle Lite’s reinforced thumb break retention strap combines excellent security with speed of draw.

The Ankle Guard™ is an open top design that reduces draw complexity and increases speed of draw – without sacrificing retention. The lack of thumb break also reduces the (unnecessary) tendency to look at the holster when drawing, and promotes maintaining visual contact with the threat. Retention is accomplished with an adjustable internal retention device that secures the handgun at the trigger guard. The "trench" style sight rail easily accommodates virtually all iron sights, and allows a smooth and easy return to the holster. The front of the Ankle Guard is cut low and allows use of most compact red dot sights.

Finally, the Cop Ankle Band™ combines economy with the ultimate in concealability. The neoprene ankle cuff mates to an elasticized nylon holster pocket. The holster uses an adjustable hook-and-loop retention strap, and comes in three sizes to fit hundreds of different guns.

All three ankle holsters feature a wide, breathable neoprene ankle cuff with hook-and-loop closure. Genuine sheepskin or acrylic (Cop Ankle Band) padding between the holster and ankle greatly enhances wearer comfort when worn for even extended hours in the summer heat.

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