Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Fiocchi Congratulates Lena Miculek on Winning Best Shooter

Fiocchi, a global leader in defensive, target, and hunting ammunition, is proud to congratulate Fiocchi Pro Team member Lena Miculek for taking home the award for Best Shooter at the Gundies event. This awards ceremony was held on February 25th.

Lena Miculek put up an impressive performance throughout all the stages of competition, ultimately taking home the title. Lena's passion for shooting is unmatched and her hard work has paid off with this win!

Competitive shooting across the handgun, pistol, and shotgun disciplines is key to Fiocchi’s mission and product range. Everyone at Fiocchi puts in hard work to ensure the brand ambassadors and professional shooters have access to the most dependable and precise ammo possible before entering their respective arenas.

“We would like to congratulate Lena on her new win,” said Holly Hammond, Fiocchi Marketing Manager. “Lena is a valued member of Team Fiocchi, and we look forward to her continued success.”

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About Fiocchi:

Since 1983, Fiocchi of America has been based in Ozark, Missouri. As a stand-alone, US-based arm of the greater Fiocchi global brands, Fiocchi of America and Baschieri & Pellagri USA continue to integrate and launch new products directed towards the US market. Today, Fiocchi furthers its expansion of products in the hunting, conceal carry, self-defense, and law enforcement market channels. Fiocchi offers a full portfolio of target and hunting shotshells, centerfire rifle and pistol ammunition, match and standard-grade rimfire .22LR, specialty and classic cartridges, reloading components, and blanks.

About CSG:

CSG, based in Prague (Czech Republic), is a diversified industrial group active in five strategic business segments— aerospace, defense, automotive, railways, and business projects—where it operates at a global level. CSG Group is 100% controlled and led by Michal Strnad, who has been able to transform it into the most relevant Czech Republic industrial group with a strong international footprint. CSG employs more than 8.000 people worldwide and it owns and manages a diverse portfolio of industrial and trade companies across the civil and defense sectors. Over the years, CSG has entered various strategic partnerships with top-tier European and US multinational companies, including General Dynamics, Siemens, Stadler, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Airbus, NexterSystems and Rheinmetall.