Friday, April 5, 2019

Florida: practice your archery skills at Triple N Ranch Shooting Range

New 3-dimensional and field archery targets at the Triple N Ranch Shooting Range give bowhunters and those who want to fine tune their competitive archery shooting skills a great place to practice. There’s a 10-station course featuring life-size 3D targets including deer, turkey, and elk! The shooting distances at the 3D range vary to accommodate different skill levels and mimic various hunting scenarios. The archery range also features 5 stationary field targets. Access to the new archery range costs $12.00 plus tax for all-day use. Find location, hours of operation and more about the Triple N Ranch Shooting Range.

This new addition to the FWC-managed Triple N Ranch Shooting Range was supported by federal grant funds from the Wildlife and Sportfish Restoration program and a donation from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Several other FWC-managed public shooting ranges across the state offer archery targets so you can practice shooting your bow.