Thursday, November 15, 2018

HSM Ammunition introduces TIPPING POINT hunting line.

HSM Ammunition out of Stevensville, MT is proud to introduce a new line of extraordinary hunting cartridges that changes the paradigm of what to expect from a factory round. That describes HSM’s NEW! “TIPPING POINT” to a T. Match grade accuracy combined with a payoff of extreme terminal results.

Start with choosing only the very best cases, primers, and powder. Top this off with the NEW! GAMECHANGER hunting bullet from world-renowned Sierra Bullets. Then, throw in some magic. Painstakingly formulate the correct powder charge to assure all four components achieve maximum accuracy and performance for each caliber to be offered. That’s just what they proudly do at the HSM Ammunition factory in that little Montana town of Stevensville. TIPPING POINT is available in the nine most popular hunting calibers: .243 Win.; 6mm Creedmoor; 6.5mm Creedmoor; .270 Win.; 7mm-08 Rem.; 7mm Rem. Mag.; .308 Win.; .30-06 Springfield, and; .300 Win. Mag.

For 50 years, HSM Ammunition has been driven by a single motivating factor: an absolute passion and obsession for accuracy in every cartridge they manufacture HSM has earned a well-deserved stellar reputation with hunters, law enforcement, and military world-wide. To learn more about the NEW! TIPPING POINT hunting line featuring Sierra’s NEW! GAMECHANGER bullet and the vast catalog of HSM metallic cartridges, please visit