Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Ridge Road Outdoor Media expands E-comm and digital marketing services for Zeus Broadheads

Rushford, MN – Ridge Road Outdoor Media expands E-comm and digital marketing services for Zeus Broadheads.

Cut the Zeus Loose! Zeus Broadheads are shaking up the broadhead world with incredible accuracy, penetration that outperforms all other heads and devastating wound channels. The team at Zeus Broadheads is pleased to be able to say they are 100% Designed, Machined, and Packaged in the USA.

Even with 60 lb bows, devastating penetration through steel drums, 1.5” of plywood, through frozen deer carcasses, ballistic gel and more. This is a broadhead made for penetrating and smashing through bone. This is not a single use head.

Zeus is a four blade fixed head with 1.5” larger blades designed to collapse when hitting hard bone and then re-deploy with patented Smart Head Technology. The broadhead has a 1.5” main blade cutting diameter with ?” bleeder blades. This broadhead is made for hunters by hunters who searched for the perfect broadhead. AND THEY MADE IT!!!

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About Zeus Broadheads

January of 2019 Nick Albanese, owner and inventor of SteadyForm, released his new broadhead brand, Zeus at the Harrisburg, PA show. Since then, the Zeus has hit social media with a frenzy showing no slow down in sight.

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Cut the Zeus Loose!

Zeus Broadheads are now available through Ridge Road Outdoors and to all Ridge Road Outdoors Country Club members at special membership savings. Checkout their brand showcase


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