Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Kauger Arms Presents the Revolutionary .410 Tomahawk

Kauger Arms Presents the Revolutionary .410 Tomahawk

(Hazlehurst, GA) Kauger Arms, manufacturer of some the most revolutionary firearms in the market, known for its technology, accuracy and dependability is proud to present the .410 Tomahawk.

The weapon was thoughtfully developed for turkey hunters and was designed to be used with the leading turkey choke tube, JEBS Chokes. Last year, owner of JEBS Chokes completed the Grand Slam with the Tomahawk, and since then the demand has been overwhelming. Adam Kauger, Project Manager at Kauger Arms tells us, “The ergonomic, compact design of the Tomahawk accompanied with the quality craftsmanship of Kauger Arms products brings excitement and elegance back to turkey hunting.”

This revolutionary firearm is built one at a time in the Kauger Arms custom shop, crafted entirely of custom grade components. The gun itself is a smooth bore .410 barrel using a Kauger Arms bolt action with spiral fluted bolt and a Triggertech trigger. The Stock is a 3D scanned reproduction of a hand carved and sanded stock that Kauger Arms molded to fit your hand like a glove. The Tomahawk comes with an OEM JEB's choke tube installed that was designed by JEB's Choke Tubes specifically for the Tomahawk.
The combination of the Tomahawk design coupled with the OEM JEB's choke tube gives it an effective turkey kill range of 30-40 yards, an impressive feat for a .410!

The Kauger Arms Tomahawk is classified by the ATF as a non-NFA weapon, so no NFA tax stamp is required. For orders or inquiries, please contact Kauger Arms at customerservice@kaugerarms.com or call 912.375.9159.

About Kauger Arms

Kauger Arms and the Kauger Family have spent countless years designing, developing and manufacturing the absolute best rifle-actions for the industry’s leading firearms manufacturers. Using the combined decades of experience in engineering and as gunsmiths, Kauger Arms developed a new line of industry-leading actions and firearms that are truly more accurate, durable and dependable than their predecessors.

Made exclusively in the United States and boasting revolutionary firearm technology, these actions are barrel ready with the faces of the receivers perfectly true to bore. In other words, there is no longer any need for re-facing by a gunsmith or firearms professional. No matter your preferred shooting sport, Kauger Arms produces the actions & customs rifles that are sure to be dependable & never disappoint.