Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Hunt Monkey’s Keys to Success: Practice as You Hunt

One of the most important preseason rituals for any successful hunter is to put in the time and practice. You should have your bow, shotgun or rifle sighted in for the ranges you intend to shoot and have practiced sufficiently to be able to consistently hit your targets from a variety of positions, including sitting, standing, kneeling and, especially if you hunt from a tree stand, any form of wraparound shot you can imagine. And you should also practice moving and shooting while wearing your usual camouflage and gear, including any backpacks or waist packs, clothing, neck gaiters, hats, gloves and boots. This way, you can be sure nothing binds, rattles, chafes or snags as you work on your stalking and shooting techniques. Practice as you hunt.

Having a good pair of gloves is one of the keys—you need to keep your hands protected and also camouflaged at all times. For early season hunts, it’s hard to beat Hunt Monkey’s Sneaky Pete gloves for the ultimate in silence, stealth and protection. This one has an ultra-lightweight second skin fit for extreme dexterity and comfort for turkey or bowhunters, while the exposed fingertips provide precise control. The synthetic leather palms offer good hand protection as well as a solid grip, wet or dry. They’re available in Marshland Camo as well as Mossy Oak Bottomland.

When you want more versatility, check out Monkey Hands. This glove is perfect on its own for a lightweight concealment option with full fingers, brushed interior lining and a non-slip silicone print palm; add a heavier glove when the temperature drops to keep your hands warm and functional all day long. They’re available in Black as well as Marshland Camo and Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage patterns.

Concealment and comfort are two imperatives for your face and neck. Hunt Monkey’s Conceal face guards and balaclavas fit the bill perfectly, with featherweight breathable fabrics and a glasses fog-resistant mouth pattern. The full-face coverage design in four great camo patterns including Mossy Oak Bottomland also helps deters insects and keeps you motionless for much longer. There are also fleece options for those colder days in the woods as well.

Gear up with the best products and put in the time practicing as you would hunt and you’ll find more success in the woods this season. For more information, check out www.huntmonkeygloves.com.