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Fish Monkey Pro Profile: Brian “Bro" Brosdahl

Pro Profile: Brian “Bro” Brosdahl

From Bass to Ice, Bro Knows Fishing

Based in Max, Minnesota, from a young age Brian “Bro” Brosdahl was obsessed with fishing. It didn’t matter that his home waters were frozen solid for a good portion of the year—he was out there at every opportunity, no matter the weather, targeting a variety of panfish as well as walleyes and largemouth and smallmouth bass. Finding fish in a variety of conditions, from the heat of summer to the dead of winter, became a passion which developed into a career.

Today, Brosdahl is one of the most recognized and respected anglers in North America and perhaps best known for his tremendous influence on the sport of ice fishing. Several popular ice fishing products are based on his ideas. He teamed up with the product design team at Fish Monkey to develop the Yeti glove, touted as the world’s finest high-performance glove for ice fishing. He’s also helped design several additional products for Fish Monkey as well as Northland Fishing Tackle and others.

In addition to being a busy professional fishing guide and promoter, Brosdahl is also a guest host on several television shows including Midwest Outdoors, Lindner’s Angling Edge, Angling Buzz, In-Fisherman Television, North American Fishing Television, Minnesota Bound, Due North and others, as well as contributing to scores of fishing publications and websites. Bro also has his own podcast in spring and fall, “Bro Road Show Live, On The Ice/On The Water.”

"Fish Monkey is a company dedicated to fishing and hunting I truly believe they are the best in the industry,” Brosdahl says. “Founder Tim Mossberg has a passion for the outdoors and understands what it takes to design outdoor gear to help the consumer enjoy their experiences hunting and fishing through state-of-the-art designs. Fish Monkey and Hunt Monkey are the simply the best gloves and face masks on the market!"

“One of the keys to the success of a brand like Fish Monkey is having the guidance of experienced professional anglers, listening to what they need and how they use our products,” says Fish Monkey president Tim Mossberg. “Having someone like Bro on our promotional staff has helped us tremendously, especially in ice fishing but also throughout the freshwater range. No matter what the season or the species, he can catch it. With the input from pros like him and many others, we can stay right on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the industry and out on the water, frozen or not.”

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