Tuesday, May 3, 2022

CTR’s Summit Series Available Now in Eco-Friendly Option

(San Diego, CA) CTR Headwear, the foremost and a leading innovator of knit and constructed headwear and apparel is proud to announce the highly popular Summit Series, a category leader among CTR’s spring/summer collection of functional and stylish headwear is now Eco-Friendly.

The Summit Series eco collection offers several stylish options made of Helishade, a sun protective fabric of 100% recycled polyester. The collection is ideal for anyone looking for all-purpose headwear built with thoughtful design principals and innovative technologies. Helishade is a Bluesign certified fabric and provides a sun protective rating of UPF50+. As orders are indicating, these pieces have always been category leaders for their attention to performance and functionality.

The Summit Collection is an ensemble of lightweight, fast drying pieces that have seen great success since their entry in the marketplace. They gained immediate popularity because of their superior technology and functionality of combining Helishade fabrics within the headwear. In addition to being a sun protective fabric, Helishade provides moisture-wicking properties and elasticity ensuring superior comfort and fit. These bucket hats, vented caps, visors, Pack It hats, and Boonies make up a collection that is exactly what you need for your spring and summer adventures.

“We’ve made a monumental effort to position ourselves as more of a sustainable company. It is as the at the core of what’s important to us and will remain a priority to us moving forward. These eco-friendly options have been popular choice with our retailers and our consumers,” said David I, Director US Retail Sales. “We’ve seen everyone from campers and deep-sea fishermen, to hikers and city-dwellers wanting these pieces, and we’re proud that they can feel good about wearing every piece. Without a doubt, these have become a staple in our product mix and it comes with no surprise that we’re getting more and more requests for our eco products. We’ve got more in store for you from this line coming soon.”

The Summit Collection products come fully equipped with air vents and perforated side panels, moisture wicking sweatband, easy to adjust, and anti-glare under brim. Look for the Summit Eco Friendly Collection in finer sporting goods and retailers nationwide or visit www.chaoshats.com. For sales information call Director of U.S. Retail Sales, David I at davidi@chaoshats.com.

About CTR:

A passion for the outdoors is one that CTR shares and providing only the best for its conditions drives us forward. Building on 10 years of experience, the front end of progress is the only place to be. Adapting alongside technology, and the daily movements our products endure, CTR development is in a constant state of evolution.

Our process begins with those that put products to use, out in the elements, and it is these warriors that inspire our continual progress. With an industry-leading variety of products, the use factor of each piece drives the entire roster forward. From winter’s best, to the worst of its conditions, CTR’s performance and innovation move with you, upwards and towards the wonders of the unknown.

Pulling from the forefront technology, CTR utilizes industry-leading materials to push innovation and utility. Newly integrated laser cut breathing ports further enhances product performance in breathability, moisture management, comfort and thermal regulation. Building upon recent advancements, such as Windshield ULTRA, we continuously push for premium protection against the cold and wind.

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