Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Tigress’ Deep Drop Lead Holder Secures Dangerous Weights Quickly

Lake Worth, Fl. – Deep drop fishing is a productive way to catch swordfish, snapper and grouper, but leaving several pounds of lead loose on the deck is a recipe for disaster. Tigress’ Adjustable Deep Drop Lead Holder keeps your heavy weights secure but at the ready, providing convenient storage while preventing damage.

It takes specialized tackle and plenty of weight to target fish in waters 600 feet or deeper. The effort is worthwhile when the reward is species like tilefish, swords, snapper and grouper. Unfortunately, storing several pounds of lead loose on the deck while you motor out to the fishing grounds can cause damage. Even minimal chop can cause the weights to bounce enough to destroy the gel coat. Bigger waves can send weights flying, taking out structural components and injuring passengers.

Tigress’ Adjustable Deep Drop Lead Holder conveniently and securely holds weights while you motor out to the hole, protecting boats and passengers. A deep, stainless cup quickly accepts most weight designs to safely stow oversized sinkers in seconds. The lead holder fits in standard 1-5/8” rod holders and features a cushioned midsection to soak up the shock that occurs when powering through big swells. The adjustable design accommodates rod holders with 0, 15 and 30-degree angles to work on any boat. The Deep Drop Lead Holder is easily stowable, clearing up valuable fishing real estate when you run back inshore and switch techniques.

The anodized aluminum construction of the Adjustable Deep Drop Lead Holder resists the rigors of the sea for a lifetime on the salt. It’s built with the same high quality that Tigress is known for, so it will look and perform flawlessly for generations.


Adjustable Deep Drop Lead Holder

  • Fits into gunnel rod holder
  • Adjustable angles, 0, 15 and 30 degree
  • Protect your boat and rod holders from damage
  • Perfect for swordfishing and deep-dropping
  • Portable and storable
  • Made of anodized aluminum

Since our inception, our mission has been to raise the bar for innovation, quality, ease of use, and convenience of the products we offer to the salt water sports fishing enthusiast.

All aluminum outriggers are constructed of cold drawn aluminum for maximum strength and durability. We then use a state of the art anodizing process to protect and color-enhance them. Every accessory is constructed of the highest quality materials to give the maximum service and life. Tigress uses only 300 series stainless or 316 stainless steel in every rod holder and outrigger holder.

We continue to expand our offerings of fine products and accessories making the Tigress product line of outriggers and gear the standard of quality and excellence

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