Monday, September 18, 2023

Governor Proclaims Sept. 23 as National Hunting and Fishing Day in Nebraska

Gov. Jim Pillen on Friday proclaimed Saturday, Sept. 23, as National Hunting and Fishing Day in Nebraska.

“Hunting and fishing continue to be an integral part of the good life outdoors in Nebraska,” Pillen said. “Over recent years, hunting and fishing have offered a growing number of participants a chance to connect with nature, create memories with friends, and experience both mental and physical health benefits.

“The economic impact hunting and fishing has on our state is tremendous,” he said.

More than 450,000 hunters and anglers support the state’s economy through their spending, contributing to the $2.6 billion spent on outdoor activities in Nebraska in a single year.

Joining Pillen in promoting hunting and fishing was John T. Heaston, executive director of the Nebraska Sportsmen’s Foundation.

“Thank you to Nebraska’s sportsmen and women, who fund conservation of our natural resources in our state,” Heaston said. “Each time a person purchases a hunting or fishing license, they are supporting the conservation efforts of state fish and wildlife agencies.”

National Hunting and Fishing Day, held the fourth Saturday of each September, celebrates hunting and fishing while emphasizing conservation. It was first established by President Nixon in 1972 and is marked by outdoor events held throughout the country.

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