Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Galco’s Underwraps 2.0

Galco's Underwraps™ 2.0 is an update of the traditional belly band that allows concealed carry of multiple weapons and accessories around the midsection, in an infinite variety of configurations.

It also enables the user to make instant additions and changes to the carry rig. Two leather holster pockets facilitate stable positioning of one or two firearms simultaneously, while two accessory pockets accommodate badge, cuffs, ammo, wallet – you name it!

The UnderWraps 2.0 can be worn like a traditional belly band (low on the waistline, partially under the beltline like an IWB or just above it), or it can be worn around the torso's mid-section (around the solar plexus area like a shoulder holster).

The UnderWraps 2.0 is made to fit hundreds of different guns. It also accommodates both right and left hand draw, strongside, crossdraw and appendix carry, with butt-forward and barrel-forward cants.

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Contact Information:

Mike Barham