Friday, December 13, 2019

Wildlife Research Center Calls for Opposition to North Carolina Ban on Urine-Based Scents

Dear Friend,

We need your help.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is proposing a regulation to ban the use of urine-based scents, an important tool and tradition used by successful hunters in North Carolina. They state the primary necessity for the rule is, there is no commercially available test for urine to test for CWD contamination. That is not true.

The science and use of these products, does not support banning urine-based scents. The lead authors of the studies, most commonly referenced when considering a ban, agree the risk of commercially available urine-based scents contributing to the spread of CWD is virtually zero.

The urine used in our products and the other leading scent companies comes from facilities 100% monitored for CWD meaning every deer that dies is tested for CWD. CWD has never been found on one of these facilities.

Essentially all of the major scent companies and our collection facilities, participate in the ATA Deer Protection Program, a robust certification program to further protect our herds from CWD.

Leading scent companies like Wildlife Research Center and others in our industry, are testing every lot of urine prior to bottling and packaging, using a technology called RT-QuIC, to test and certify that no CWD is detected, and provide a final confirmation that these products are safe for use and without risk of spreading CWD.

We take the threat of CWD very seriously and support action to stop the spread of CWD. While we strongly support efforts to prevent CWD, we strongly oppose banning or prohibiting - retail sale, possession, use, and distribution of urine-based scents.

The ability to use urine-based scents in the state of North Carolina, is a safe, long standing tradition, and an important and effective tool for hunters. It will be taken away if enough people don’t send in their comments opposing this ban. We need everyone’s help to stop this. Every individual who sends in their comments can make a difference.

There is currently an opportunity to provide public comments and help stop this rule change. We are asking for your help to do so. The public comment period for this rule change is open now.

Please take a few moments to send your comments opposing this ban.

Feel free to utilize the attached instructions, comments, and key points to best accomplish this.

Thank you for your time and help on this very important issue,

Wildlife Research Center, inc. | 14485 Azurite St NW, Ramsey, MN 55303 | (763)-427-3350

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Proposal to Ban Urine Scents for Hunting- HOW TO SUBMIT COMMENTS IN OPPOSITION

Public Comments can be submitted via email

SUBJECT: Oppose cervid urine ban proposal H2

Comments: Write a brief note opposing the proposed regulation. You can use these points to guide your note

  1. There is a very reliable test of commercial urine that is being used by major manufacturers already. The RT-QuIC test is reliable in testing for the presence of CWD prions.
  2. The ATA Deer Protection Program is a very robust certification process, and less than a dozen production facilities have qualified for its seal of approval. These facilities can supply the industry without disruption as they are supplying most of the material used by the major manufacturers today.
  3. Using natural deer scents is a long tradition for hunters, and taking away that tool when there is a method to ensure its safe continuance is not a service to the resource.

Public Comments can be submitted via a portal on the website at:

  1. The Rule is under Wildlife Management H2
  2. You will need to register. If you have a North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Number (hunting or fishing license ID#) register with that, or else sign in as a member of the public.
  3. Click “Oppose”
  4. Support your opposition with brief comments, highlighting:
    1. The WRC is mistaken that no test for CWD in urine is available. Major manufacturers are already using RT-QuIC to test their products.
    2. The ATA Deer Protection Program consists of less than a dozen elite production facilities that have qualified for the program to date, and those facilities have closed herds and annual testing and inspection
    3. Other states are adopting the ATA and RT-QuIC protocols.
    4. Using natural deer scents is a longstanding tradition and technique important to hunters, and a complete ban would be a disruption. Requiring the ATA/RT-QuIC options would not be a disruption.
  5. Be sure to REGISTER when you are done.

(See document with screenshots from the website for more assistance)

Public hearings will be held around the state in January- Dates and times can be found at:

Retailers, sales reps and other North Carolina supporters should attend these is possible.