Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Vehicle Access Temporarily Closed at Whitebird Fishing Access Site Due to Flooding

Walk-in access remains open

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has implemented a partial site closure at Whitebird Fishing Access Site (FAS) on the Stillwater River near Columbus due to flooding. Water from the Stillwater River has inundated access roads, parking and camping areas and the boat ramp at this site.

Due to these conditions, vehicle access is temporarily prohibited. Walk-in access is still allowed at this time, but visitors must ensure they do not obstruct roadways, gates or other access points when parking. Visitors are encouraged to use caution at river sites this time of year, as conditions and water levels can change quickly.

Whitebird FAS will reopen to vehicle access as soon as conditions allow and any necessary maintenance work following the flooding is completed.

For updated information on FWP site restrictions and closures, visit: myfwp.mt.gov/fwpPub/allRestrictions.