Friday, August 5, 2022

Veil Camo Launches BLYND Camo Pattern

Wichita, KS— Veil Camo is a leader in the outdoor industry that is forward focused and brings a new scientific perspective to the way effective camouflage is created. They design patterns that do what no others have been able to do before. Veil is launching their new BLYND pattern: the first pattern ever developed for ground blinds.

Uniquely different than using camouflage designed for hiding human bodies, BLYND uses an extra-large pattern and unique "BLYND Spots" throughout. These spots help ensure that even the most subtle of changes in an animal’s visibility are acclimated in the pattern with dark voids for when windows are open. The extra-large pattern makes sure that visible, repeating patterns are kept to a minimum. All of this and more has gone into ensuring that BLYND is the most effective camouflage for hunting blinds.

“We have our own internal research on animal vision, perception, and impact on behavior. The data is all from wildlife biologists and research centers that study animal vision. It doesn’t sound all that exciting, but it fuels a lot of what we do. It gets really technical really fast, but the basic version is that we are able to choose shapes and colors that work against the weak spots in what we hunt. It's a critical part of our design process.”-Joseph Skinner, Founder of Veil

  • Veil Camo’s new BLYND pattern will be introduced through Primos Hunting on their Full Frontal™ Ground Blind. An industry pioneer since 1976, Primos Hunting® designs and manufactures game calls, hunting blinds, shooting supports, decoys, and other hunting accessories built by hunters for hunters.

Veil™ is focused on partner and category selection with proven performance distinction that separates and elevates brands to the next level. For licensing opportunities, call Shelly Moore, SVP Sales and Marketing Veil™ Camo, 225.223.810, or