Wednesday, April 3, 2024

TWN Industries & Identity Custom Imaging Ballistic Helmet in MultiCam

TWN Industries and Identity Custom Imaging (ICI) bring you this tactical ballistic helmet dipped in our WTP-297 MultiCam Water Transfer Printing film. ICI is located in Marshfield, Wisconsin. They specialize in decorating firearms, ballistic helmets, architectural products, drinkware, and much more.

MultiCam became the designated camouflage pattern for U.S. Army personnel during operations in Afghanistan due to its effectiveness out in the field.

With TWN's Water Transfer Printing technology, MultiCam's effectiveness can be applied to a variety of surfaces, giving you the ultimate tactical advantage in the field of duty or on the hunt.

Experience the ultimate in concealment and versatility with MultiCam today!

About TWN Industries

TWN provides Water Transfer Printing equipment, training, and supplies to manufacturers who wish to customize their products.

We can help you integrate Water Transfer Printing technology into your existing production line or find a TWN Certified Processor who can provide decorating services. Our surface coating process will help you differentiate your products and give your company a competitive edge in today's fast-moving market.

TWN Industries, Inc.

25490 SW 141 Avenue

Princeton FL, 33032

(305) 258-9622

About Joint Force Enterprises

Joint Force Enterprises has been a leader in custom ï¬ rearm manufacturing and modiï¬ cation. We have become known throughout the industry for our Water Transfer Printing capabilities that can be seen featured on weapons such as the BCM/HSP Jack Carbine, Salient Arms Tier 1 Rifle, Aero Precision monthly builder sets and many more.